Dolce Vita Blogger Series – A Hidden Gem


Grazie to Kelly from , Jasmine from and Kristie from for initiating the #DolceVitaBloggers group, a collective community of like minded Italophiles who share their passion and stories of Il Bel Paese (Italia). Stay tuned for the 7th of every month where I’ll take part in the #DolceVitaBlogger series.

 A Chance Meeting with a Dame in the Eternal City

dame judi dench

Acclaimed stage and screen Actress, Dame Judi Dench with my exchange group and I.

Ever since Audrey Hepburn’s Princess Ann, was swept off her feet on a Vespa by Gregory Peck’s Joe Bradley in A Roman Holiday, we too have become enamoured with the idea of being swept up in a chance encounter in the Eternal City of Rome. Perhaps because an Ancient City like Rome is the home of countless myths and legends, or because we have seen these chance encounters in this Historic City played out again and again on the big screen. From Anita Ekberg’s sizzling rendezvous with Marcello Mastroianni in La Dolce Vita, to Lizzie McGuire’s chance encounter with Paolo Valisari in The Lizzie McGuire Movie (yes, I’m a 90’s baby and as a tween, that Vespa sequence was cinematography at its finest) – it just seems that if you’re ever going to meet “the somebody” or “a somebody” by chance, it will most likely happen in Roma. As Dean Martin famously crooned “the beginning has just begun when the sun goes down…on an evening in Roma”.

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