About Daniele



I’m Australian born and raised, but Sicilian blood runs through my veins. I’m Daniele and welcome to my blog, Dine With Daniele. This blog is a tribute to my Italo-Australian heritage and the dishes from my childhood and travels throughout Italy. I’m not a trained chef but like all good Italian cooks, like my Mum, my Papa’ and my Nonna; I’ve learnt that one doesn’t need to be a chef to cook great food. What I’ve learnt from my culinary idols is that being a good cook is about having passion, using quality ingredients and of course, cooking with that very special ingredient that we all have within us – love.

Growing up in a traditional Sicilian family, food has always played a huge part in my life. Most of my weekends were spent picking olives or making sauce and homemade sausages with my family, that’s where my passion for food grew. Growing organic produce at home and working together as a family to create something special, whether it be olive oil, tomato sauce or wine. I am currently a writer for The Sunday Times, a producer, a presenter and an Italian teacher. Whilst most of my work involves entertainment news and social events, I’m mostly passionate about food. Right here on Dine With Daniele, I’ll share with you recipes, tips and ideas. So please follow me on this journey, whether you need a little tiramisu (pick me up) or a splash of inspiration! From my kitchen to yours,

Buon Appetito